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Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee

Here, you’ll to find a land valuation map of Bad Homburg, real estate market reports, market value appraisals and further information provided by the Advisory Committee.

General information

The Office of the Advisory Committee is an independent institution of the State of Hessen adhering to the provisions of the state building code. It is made up of an honorary group of experts serving in an advisory role and representing various professional groups. The tasks of the Municipal Advisory Committee are determined by the Municipal Council of the City of Bad Homburg.

Duties of the Municipal Advisory Committee:

1) Compilation of market value appraisals for


    * developed and undeveloped real estate properties

    * freehold apartments

    * rights to properties (e.g., rights of way, usufruct)


2) Determination of land value (The office supports the committee in carrying out its tasks and duties.)


Duties of the Office of the Advisory Committee:

  •     Evaluation of real estate contracts (purchase price records)
  •     Determination of value-relevant data
  •     Provision of information on land values
  •     Sale of land valuation maps
  •     Provision of purchase price information as permitted by prevailing data protection regulations

Land valuation map

Details on land valuation may be taken from Bad Homburg’s online map. Printed versions of these land valuation maps are available for € 60.00. To purchase a map or obtain further information, please contact the person or persons specified below.


Magistrat der Stadt Bad Homburg v. d. Höhe - Technisches Rathaus
Bahnhofstraße 16-18
61352 Bad Homburg v. d. Höhe
06172 100-2210
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