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The City of Bad Homburg is home to a wide range of childcare institutions providing care and supervision for children of various ages. They include nurseries (“Kinderkrippe”) for children up to the age of three, playschools (“Kindergarten”) for children aged three to school age, after-school daycare centres (“Kinderhort”) for children of school age, supervised primary schools (“betreute Grundschule”), childcare centres (“Betreuungszentrum”) as well as play and learn groups (“Spiel- und Lernstube”). All of these facilities are under the auspices of the city’s youth welfare department and aim to support children by providing nurture, education and care. The city’s offer range is supplemented by childminding services (“Kindertagespflege”), various church institutions and privately run childcare facilities. This site provides detailed information on all of the offers available to you.

Our range of childcare offers

Below, you’ll find the contact details of Bad Homburg’s many childcare centres available for download.

Guidelines for acceptance by a municipal childcare facility nach oben

For your child to be accepted by a municipal childcare facility, you must first meet a number of stipulations as specified by Bad Homburg’s city council. These guidelines also apply to all-day childcare services. It may be necessary for you to provide proof of your occupation (professional activity) and to complete the form provided below.

For information on the admission criteria of private childcare institutions, simply contact the institutions directly.

Nurseries (“Kinderkrippe”) nach oben

Your child may be accepted into a municipal nursery from the age of six months. Municipal nurseries apply various educational approaches. The website presentations of the individual institutions offer an overview of their approaches and services.

Playschool (“Kindergarten”) nach oben

Your child may join a playschool (“Kindergarten”) from the age of three. The offers and educational concepts of these playschools vary from establishment to establishment.

For a first impression, simply visit the institutions’ websites. Some of the institutions also serve lunch.

After-school childcare nach oben

Childcare outside of school hours is available for schoolchildren at supervised primary schools and after-school daycare centres.

Age-independent childcare nach oben

These particular institutions provide care and supervision for children from the age of two to school age.

Children’s daycare nach oben

Bad Homburg’s range of daycare facilities is supplemented by childminding services in accordance with § 29 of the Hessian State Child and Youth Welfare Code (Hessisches Kinder- und Jugendhilfegesetzbuch (HKJGB)).

Childminding services provide education and care for children during daytime, provided as such by accredited childminders at their own domicile, the child’s parents’ domicile, or other suitable domiciles.

When employing a childminder, many aspects of the childcare to be provided may be individually agreed upon. Childminding is available for children of all age groups.

Daycare institutions and childminders have their own educational mandate. They support a child’s education alongside the family and promote the healthy development of the child by way of individual as well as general educational measures. Their tasks are to promote the intellectual, emotional and physical development of a child, to help improve its social skills and to provide all children with the same development opportunities. To successfully accomplish these tasks and ensure a continuous educational process, teachers and educators co-operate with parents as well as the childcare institutions and childminders involved in coordinating the child’s education and care.

Finding childcare places online nach oben

The majority of the City of Bad Homburg’s childcare institutions has been compiled on an online portal called LITTLE BIRD, thus providing an easier, more comprehensive overview of the offers available.
This portal helps you to inform yourself of the individual institutions directly and also to find free places online, quickly and easily from anywhere and at any time.
Short Information Little Bird

Payments to/Certifications for the tax office nach oben

Should you have any questions regarding the payment of municipal childcare fees or require a validation for the tax office, simply contact the municipal treasury (“Stadtkasse”).

Low-income families can request financial support from the city. A pamphlet with more information is available for download. Your contact is Ms. Ursula Sulzbach. Phone: 06172 / 100-5031.

We are here to help! nach oben

Should you have any questions or comments regarding childcare services in Bad Homburg or need assistance with the (advance) registration procedures offered by the LITTLE BIRD online portal, simply send us an email:


You may of course also make an appointment to call us or speak to us in person:

Phone consultation appointments

We are happy to call you at a previously arranged time to discuss your matter. Please make sure that you are contactable at the time arranged. Should you be unavailable, you’ll have to arrange a new phone appointment.

Personal appointments

Please make every effort to be punctual for your appointment and bring all relevant documents with you. Also, please understand that the appointment must be take place within the prearranged period of time.
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