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contactPUNKT English Version

Our Location Magazin contactPUNKT introduces: Focus Future - Bad Homburg 2030. Joining forces to create the future of Bad Homburg.

Cities face a great variety of tasks: to offer adequate housing and attractive urban environments to residents, to provide transportation infrastructure, to secure educational and cultural offers and to open up new opportunities for enterprises and their staff…to name just a few items from the top of the list.

This wide range of responsibilities requires detailed coordination of individual tasks, and should ideally be based on a long-term development concept. This new concept for the future of “Bad Homburg 2030” is currently being developed, by both city administration and residents, as a joint creative process. Read more about this process on pages 4 and 5.

Discover a kaleidoscope of news in our BUSINESS column: We’ve investigated a number of projects and activities with an impact on our local economy – initiatives taken by both City and Bad Homburg companies.

More than up-to-date: in PORTRAIT we will introduce a company that at the time of our editorial deadline hadn’t even moved to Bad Homburg yet. First Data Deutschland is the latest addition to our thriving business community, and will from now on occupy quite a bit of the Marienbader Höfe – welcome!

And last but not least, LIFE offers a great variety of cultural, leisure and sports events, both for you and your family, but also for your employees and clients. The calendar of events extends all the way into 2018.

contactPUNKT, the newsletter published by the Wirtschaftsförderung, the association for the promotion of the economy, has found a very appreciative audience. If you care to receive the newsletter, please register at www.bad-homburg.de/wirtschaft.

As always, we wish you a pleasant time reading and discovering.

Best regards from our town-hall office

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