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How to use the LITTLE BIRD online platform

With LITTLE BIRD, you have at your disposal a unique, interactive solution that provides transparency, accessibility and efficiency as you search for the most suitable form of childcare for your child. Once you have registered with the platform and pre-reserved a place with a childcare institution, you’ll soon receive word from them as to whether a place is available for the requested timeframe. To get an idea of how the procedure works, read on:

1) Search for available childcare places nach oben

The LITTLE BIRD online portal offers parents a comprehensive overview of childcare institutions available in Bad Homburg. You may choose the most suitable institution by entering various search criteria and preregistering your child with up to five individually prioritised institutions. Should you experience any difficulties with this initial procedure, please contact the municipal childcare office (“Kindertagesstättenverwaltung”) without delay.

2) Planning nach oben

Childcare institutions have a fairly precise idea of available capacity based on the number of placement requests received, giving them a certain degree of planning security. Information on every individual childcare place is stored in the system with specific contract runtimes, thereby ensuring that the supervisors of each institution always have a clear overview of the current and future capacity situation.

3) Personal introduction nach oben

The institution or institutions preselected by you will contact you and invite you to a personal introductory conversation.

4) Reservation nach oben

Should the institution in question be able to offer you a future childcare place, then you’ll have the chance to confirm your interest by making a binding online placement reservation with this institution. Actual placement is confirmed by the individual institution, LITTLE BIRD merely manages the placement requests. Should an institution preselected by you reject your request for one reason or another, please turn to the municipal childcare office for further help. We kindly ask you to arrange an appointment in advance, however.

5) Data deletion from waiting lists nach oben

Should you accept a placement reservation offer from a specific institution, then all other placement requests will automatically be deleted from the central reservation list. Other institutions and the municipal childcare office will then know that you are no longer searching for a childcare place for your child.

6) Conclusion of contract nach oben

The institution in question will contact you for the purpose of contract conclusion several months before your child’s care is scheduled to start. Please note that possibly existing contracts with other institutions must first be brought to an end (or mutually dissolved). The conclusion of a new contract is otherwise not possible.
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