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Childcare - English Information

Childcare - English Information

The City of Bad Homburg is home to a wide range of childcare institutions providing care and supervision for children of various ages. They include nurseries (“Kinderkrippe”) for children up to the age of three, playschools (“Kindergarten”) for children aged three to school age, after-school daycare centres (“Kinderhort”) for children of school age, supervised primary schools (“betreute Grundschule”), childcare centres (“Betreuungszentrum”) as well as play and learn groups (“Spiel- und Lernstube”). All of these facilities are under the auspices of the city’s youth welfare department and aim to support children by providing nurture, education and care. The city’s offer range is supplemented by childminding services (“Kindertagespflege”), various church institutions and privately run childcare facilities. This site provides detailed information on all of the offers available to you.
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